Products & Services

At Organic Growers & Packers (EPZ) Limited, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations by handling all our processes with the highest level of professionalism and integrity and aim to deliver, or even exceed, acceptable global standards.

Mango Concentate

As a fully integrated multi fruit variety processing plant, OGPL stands for quality and enjoyment. Our mango concentrate is made from selected Apple mango and ngowe varieties, ripened both on tree and under controlled atmospheric conditions.

Mango Puree

OGPL mango puree is made from selected quality local variety mangoes, ripened both on tree and under controlled atmospheric conditions with quality assurance from trained agronomists and postharvest technicians.

Banana Puree

OGPL banana puree is obtained from selected clones of the Cavendish variety, ripened under controlled conditions. Banana is fed to the processing plant at the right level of ripening and to be processed immediately.