Mango Puree (Single strength)

OGPL mango puree is made from select quality local variety mangoes, ripened both on tree and under controlled atmospheric conditions with quality assurance from trained agronomists and postharvest technicians.

The preparation process includes :

Fruit reception, storage and inspection: The raw fruit is sorted during offloading and then stored in crates for ripening in the ripening chambers. The fruit in the ripening chambers is further sorted and those that are damaged, discoloured or immature are set aside.

Washing Fruit: The selected fruits are sent to the washing section. The fruit is washed first in stainless steel tanks where dirt and other foreign matter is removed by immersion in the wash tank. After washing the fruit undergoes tip cutting and trimming which removes any damaged portion of the fruit. Then fruit continues on the conveyor and passes through a further process of brushing and rinsing.

Pulp extractor unit/destoner: The destoner is for pulp recovery and peel seperation plus the seeds while obtaining a pulpy juice of excellent quality.

Refining unit: The extracted pulp is refined using a supercreamer with interchangeable seives which refines the puree to the required level. Due to its design a low degree of air inglobation is assured and thus minimises oxidation.

Decanter unit: In the decanter a centrifugal force causes sedimentation of the solids and thus removal of black specks.

Deaeration: The mango puree is deaerated in order to extend the product shelflife by the elimination of air from the liquid.

Sterilizing: This is the process by which micro-organisms are destroyed and in order to increase the shelflife of the puree.

Aseptic filler: This method of packaging ensures that the sterile mango puree is packed in a sterile container in a way that maintains sterility and allows for extended storage without preservatives whilst retaining nutrients and flovour.


Our quality mango puree is perfectly suited for conversion to juices, nectars, jams and also makes the most delicious ice creams and yoghurt. It can also be used in confectionery as well as puddings, bakery fillings, fruit meals for children and flavours for the food industry


T.S.S (Degree Brix)             Min. 14 Subject to the variety of Mango
Acidity (% as C.A.)
            0.4 - 0.6 Subject to the variety of Mango
pH             3.6 to 4.0
Viscosity(Bostwick, 20ÂșC, cm)             Max. 12cm
Total plate count             Max. 50/gm
Yeast and Mould             Max. 10/gm

These are our basic specifications. However, the product can be made as per buyer's individual specifications.

Shelf Life

Best before 12 months from the date of manufacture

Food Safety

Food safety is guaranteed by the use of state-of-the-art technology and strict controls over our product and support processes.


The mango puree is packed in aseptic bags enclosed in conical open top steel drums with an inner poly liner. The net weight per drum is 225 KG + / -one Kg.

Weight per pack

    Gross Wt.         Net Wt.
Weight per drum         225 Kg          215 Kg

Storage recommendations

OGPL mango puree should be stored at ambient temperature preferably below 25 degree Celsius but not below 4 degree Celsius.